Monday, January 19, 2009

Batman Character-001

Hello everyone!
Welcome! Finally we have some art on this blog! On behalf of my friends Bobby and Ivan, Welcome to Ever Wonder! So let me explain who we are and what we do here. We're just a group of three who graduated from art school, majoring in Animation. We love the design aspects in Animation, mainly delving into visual development work. With each of us having strong points in our art, I think we balance each other out quite nicely. 

Anywhoo, for the first art post, we'll be showing you something fun. We're drawing anything from the world of Batman, is the challenge this week. So if you happen to drop by thank you for doing so, and i hope you enjoy 



adam banquerigo said...

...i like how YOUR robin has sneakers and a hoodie like MINE. but i got chucks...what up?!? haha, awesome dood! that's cool that you guys got your own team blog going on.


Kristen McCabe said...

Awesome! I love the Joker profile.